Colonia Mysteria

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Colonia Mysteria is a location-based educational game for students of the fifth and sixth year. It allows the students to take a trip through Cologne in the Roman era (known then as Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium), experiencing different scenarios in a number of historic places throughout the city.

With the help of an iPhone, the students will experience an augmented reality. The real-city environment, which is shown through the iPhone camera, is augmented by graphics and sound, whereby the ancient Roman city comes to life. Through the game, the students learn some key aspects of life in Roman province in a most vivid manner.

Colonia Mysteria is a research project of the Cologne Game Lab and the game developer RockAByte. Fabricio Rosa Marques and me were responsible for the game- and audiovisual concept. The clip shows a cut-out of the current status. More Information will be coming soon.

My Job: Concept, User Interface, Design, 3D & 2D Animation
Client: Cologne Game Lab