Früh Kölsch

  • Motion

In a two-week short-term project, I co-developed a concept for a TV commercial for the beer brand Früh Kölsch with Oliver Preuss and Sebastian Laas.
For our approach, we defined a target group: partygoers, especially between 16–30 years, who like to drink beer out of bottles. Due to the short time we had for production, we decided to use sound to carry the narrative. The viewer takes on the role of a silent observer, who is spying on a party from the inside of a refrigerator. Because of this perspective, the focus is permanently on the beer. Although beer of another brand is also in the fridge, the party ends abruptly when there is no more Früh Kölsch. The spots concludes with the slogan: ”No party without Früh!”

My Job: Concept, Regie, Camera, Design, Editing, Sound
Client: Kisd (Köln International School of Design)